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Rogene C., Educator - via NetGalley - 5 stars

A powerful, concise, emotional, lovely nonfiction text for early readers about appreciating and valuing the differences that color our world.

Amber W., Educator - via NetGalley - 5 stars

Some People Do by Frank Lowe and Josh Hara is a perfect book for children and adults alike!  Lowe presents our vast array of differences in a simple, amazing way that reminds us all, it's okay to not do everything the same way.  I can't wait to share this with my own children and my classroom.  It will be perfect as we learn about identity.

Melissa B., Educator - via NetGalley - 5 stars

All people are special, all people are unique.

This is the central message of this vibrant children's book.  The illustrations themselves are so bright and colorful that they appeal to me right away.  The story itself is full of rhyme and repetition, emphasizing, "You may not know them, they may not be you, but some people are, and some people do."  This book covers issues of diversity not often seen in children's books such as economic class, sexuality, gender-identification, religion, orphans, illness, and learning disabilities. 

Marie-Hélène F., Reviewer - via NetGalley - 5 stars

This beautifully illustrated children's educational book is perfect for young children, to help them understand and accept difference.  It will help teachers and parents alike to explain this essential concept to very young children.  A great find!

Kim P., Reviewer - via Amazon - 5 stars

This is what kids (and adults) need on their bookshelves and in their minds - fresh, kind, and wonderfully written/illustrated!  Great quality and size.  I ordered five for the kids/families in my life and this will definitely be my go-to baby shower/birthday party book from now on!