About Us

Frank Lowe - Author


Frank is a 42-year-old gay, divorced dad.  He is best known for his online personality "@GayAtHomeDad."  He has written for many major publications, such as The Advocate, Huffington Post, and www.gayswithkids.com.  He has been interviewed by CNN, CBS, The Elvis Duran Show, OUT, Ozy, and The Today Show, to name a few.  He released his first book (Editor, Raised by Unicorns) in 2018.  His goal is to provide parents with easy tools to explain diversity to their children.  Additionally, he wants to raise awareness of gay parenting, and wants to remove the word "gay" as its all parenting.  Some People Do is his first children's book, and it's already being praised!

Josh Hara - Illustrator


Josh is a 46-year-old writer and illustrator that has a penchant for writing funny tweets and drawing on the sides of his coffee cups.  Known across the internet as "@yoyoha," Josh was thrilled when Frank contracted him about illustrating Some People Do.  While studying art at the Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD), Josh's first experience drawing children was in his retail illustration class.  It was there he was taught the importance of inclusion,  learning to respectfully represent children of all races, cultures, and backgrounds.  In Some People Do, those early lessons have come to fruition more beautifully than ever.

Our Collaboration


The backstory behind Some People Do is equally as compelling as the book itself.  The idea started when one of Frank's mom friends had a son who was asking questions about Frank's son and why he has two dads.  She asked Frank "What should I tell him?"  After a few days, Frank came back with "Keep it simple.  Kids don't need elaborate answers - just say 'Some people are like that.'"  

That interaction eventually led Frank to creating the main verse, and then the entire manuscript all came into place.  Knowing he needed a brilliant illustrator to represent the beauty of the book, he turned to his Twitter friend, Josh!  Although never meeting before in person, the beginning of a new collaboration was born.  This will be the first of many to come, as they now have been inspired and have much more to contribute!